12 Apr 2016

His Wife put the Lift Together!

We've always said that Strongman Lifts are excellent quality and easy to construct, independent and unsolicited proof positive by way of this contained in a Pistonheads article, see http://goo.gl/1Y23hn

"I have the Strongman Glenflidic four post lift. I went for this because of its compact size and that it comes with the drip trays to go down the middle when being used for parking.  It is also 240v which is good as I only have a normal electricity supply (as opposed to 3 phase) and did not want to mess about with a converter.

Being compact it does mean that it is tight (wheel to wheel/ side to side) with only about an inch to spare, however this is really only a pain when reversing a car on.  Length wise there is no issue.

Due to the angle of out drive I do have to use a couple of planks to get the TVRs on without them bottoming out.

I have had may Chimaera, Tuscan and a friends Cerbera on it (along with Triumph Spitfire and a Citroen C4 but quiet on the last one!). Work done on the lift has included general work/servicing and clutch servicing on the Tuscan (the star washers were missing from the clutch pack).  The difference in ease of working on the cars is immense even if I cannot go up to full height because of the garage roof beams at the moment.

Normally it is used for storage with the Spitfire over the Chimaera. It comes flat packed (you can do a collection yourself if you want) and is straightforward to put together and the only tools that you will need you will already have if you do even basic maintenance on the cars yourself.

Dawn (my wife) put mine together for me, as I broke several ribs the week before it was delivered and it took a evening from about 5pm to about 9:30.  The only thing that was done the following day was bolting it down to the garage floor as it was a bit late to be using a hammer drill in a residential street."

Our "correspondent" continues.....

"Sorry, should really get the name of the lift correct!
It is the Strongman Glenfinnan (as per this picture).

Also the Chimarea goes underneath because the Tuscan is slightly longer and the garage door will not close due to keeping the trailer at the back of the garage. Very pleased with the ramp. Just slowly saving up for a jacking beam to go with it."

11 Apr 2016

Getting to Grips With that Project......

... Is far easier when you've a lift to help!

"all round access at the touch of a button" is our catchphrase, it's a maxim that's been well employed by this customer to great effect, I think you'll all agree.

4 Apr 2016

Helping Store Your Cars Away from Prying Eyes

If you just can't resist adding to your collection, then a compact, well designed, Lift can help store the addition, under cover and securely away from prying eyes.

When the Garage Door is Shut, no-one will know what lies behind, locked safely away. The best thinig about having a lift is the instant access it gives you, when the sun comes out and you fancy taking your pride and joy for a spin, simply select your ride for the day and she's yours, at the push of a button

18 Dec 2015

The History of Car Lifts

Before car lifts were invented, mechanics would often have to deal with cramped and dangerous conditions while working on motor vehicles.  They would often use ramps or jacks to lift vehicles and accidents were common.  Pits offered a safer option for working on vehicles, but very often these pits did not allow a mechanic to stand comfortably while working on a vehicle.

It all changed thanks to the invention of the car lift.  This article will examine the history of the car lift and some of the modern lifts which are now available.

The Power of Hydraulics
Scientific developments in the field of hydraulics were key to the invention of the car lift. In the 17th-Century, French mathematician Blaise Pascal first described how a hydraulic jack might function.  Pascal developed Pascal’s Principle — also known as the principle of transmission of fluid-pressure.  In laymen’s terms, it means that within closed systems, the pressure exerted on an incompressible fluid will result in equal pressure in all directions.

In 1795, a British engineer named Joseph Bramah patented the hydraulic press, which put Pascal’s principles to work.  He was given a patent for the device, which was an important technological breakthrough for industrial machinery.  Hydraulic presses are often used for moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, forging, clinching, and metal forming operations.

The next important technological breakthrough occurred when Richard Dudgeon invented the hydraulic jack in 1851.  He received a patent for the device, named the “portable hydraulic press”.  It was a simple device that used “water or another fluid” in a reservoir near the top of the jack.  The jack was often filled with whale oil and other unusual fluids including whisky!

Dudgeon’s hydraulic jack had some design issues, but it was another important discovery that helped power the industrial revolution.  Richard Dudgeon later went on to invent the steam carriage, cementing his position as one of the most important inventors of the 19th-Century.

Hydraulic jacks became a common sight in car garages and eventually reached the consumer market.  Many garages continued to use pits for car repairs, however, hydraulic jacks made it easy to safely lift a car for a quick repair in any location.

The first hydraulic car lift was patented in 1925 by Peter Lunati, US Patent B66F7/18 Lifting frames, e.g. for lifting vehicles; Platform lifts with platforms supported directly by jacks by one or more hydraulic or pneumatic jacks by a single central jack. 
Mr Lunati went on to form the Rotary Lift company which remains in business today with headquarters in Madison, Indiana.

By 1945, there were many companies making hydraulic lifts for the motor vehicle industry.  In the United States, nine lift manufacturers formed the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).  ALI was created to further improving the quality of automotive lifts and ensure the industry remained profitable. Any Lift sold in the EU must conform to the latest European Harmonised Standards and will have a CE Certificate to ensure compliance.

Since the invention of the first hydraulic car lift, may other lifts have been patented including the scissors type hydraulic car lift in 1989, a 4-post hydraulic platform vehicle lift for multiple cars in 2000, and an above-the-floor hydraulic lift in 1982.

Hydraulic lifts have been installed by many garages because they are easy to install and safer to use compared to a pit, ramps or jacks.  They are much cheaper than digging out a pit for vehicles to drive over. 

Today, hydraulic car lifts are available in the consumer market and are popular with car enthusiasts.  They allow car owners to safely and comfortably work on their car in the comfort of their own home. 

Car lifts are also useful for providing additional vehicle storage in your home.  Many home owners add platform vehicle lifts to their garages so they can store two cars in a one car garage.  These Platform car lifts can also be installed into ground excavation to provide even more space for vehicle storage.

Types of Car Lifts
There are now a wide variety of car lifts available to suit any operating environment.  Most modern lifts use an electric motor to raise a lift directly through the use of hydraulic rams, or on cables driven by the ram. Screw type drives to lift the vehicle are available and provide very accurate control of lift height. 

2-Post Surface Mounted Car Lifts
The most popular type of car lift today, it is comprised of two lift arms which are typically bolted to the floor.  A cross-beam usually joins the posts.  The lift arms are synchronised electronically or mechanically to raise at the same speed, they must be installed on an extremely secure concrete base

Multi-Post Runway Car Lifts
Usually a 4-post surface-mounted lift.  Runway lifts have wide ramps that the vehicle drives on before being lifted.  They are useful for accommodating a wide array of vehicle types, but require more space.

Scissor Car Lifts
Scissor lifts are available as both surface-mounted and in-ground.  Many scissor lifts are mid-rise lifts that don’t reach the same height as an in-ground post lift.

Low or Mid-rise Frame Engaging Car Lifts
Low and Mid-rise car lifts are often surface-mounted and can use external hydraulic systems to function.   While they do not obtain the same height as a post lift, they are still very useful for getting to the bottom of vehicles and ideal for working on a car while seated.  Many low-rise lifts are mobile and useful because they can be moved around a garage.

Wheel Engaging Mobile Units
These lifts feature moveable posts that are placed under the vehicle’s wheels.  They are very useful for situations where you are dealing with a wide range of vehicles which are different sizes.

Pillertons are Car Lift experts, who have a vast amount of experience installing car lifts in any operating environment — from residential car lifts through to Professional Garage & Workshop installations.

Some of the car lifts available from Pillertons include:

4-Post Lifts
   Mobile Scissor & Platform Scissor Lifts
   Parking Lifts
   Mid-Rise Lifts

To discover more about the car lifts available from Pillertons, contact our friendly staff today on 01926 257 590

30 Nov 2015

New Web Site

If you're thinking about a lift for your garage at home then check out www.home-car-lifts.co.uk for some practical advice and plenty of photos showing installations up and down the country!http://www.home-car-lifts.co.uk/

14 Aug 2015

Napiers - "we can, so we did!"

My fav pic of the week....

Runs on aviation fuel and upwards of 1200 BHP, I've always had a thing for Napier's but this recent creation, using the engine from a WWII PT Boat apparently, is just a wonderful example of "we can so we did!"

11 Aug 2015

Pleased to be of assistance.....

"Have to say very,very pleased with my new compressor i use it every day to run air drills (max drill bit 10mm)air screwdriver (max screw 4.5×5.0mm) and 18ga nailer", says Andy.

"Didn't really know what to expect on performance, but it more than suits my needs on air supply and noise."

 Please see photos of kit used, and type of furniture I manufacture.

If you need a very well made kitchen, in Hertfordshire or surrounds, contact andrewjohninteriors@hotmail.co.uk

View the range of Titan Silent Compressors by clicking this link.

28 Jul 2015

How Does an Engine Work?

Ever been asked the question, well, you can describe it, concisely - can't you....?

Well, here's a little help from this brilliant site

21 Jul 2015

A Passion for 7's

Passion. That's what it's all about, a love of something, your thing.

For David Mawby it's the Austin 7. He has quite a collection, he likes them to be as near to original as possible and selected a Strongman Tools Glenfinnan 4 Post to aid him in his efforts to maintain, restore and service his impressive fleet. I was lucky enough to install this lift and got chatting to David to discover the stroy behind his fantastic collection of Sevens.

Getting to grips with an Austin Seven Pearl
 using the compact 4 Post Lift installed at home